Comme Des Garçons RTW Fall 2013 overview

img166I can’t even explain my relationship with Comme des Garçons. All I know is that I’m always satisfied with what I see. Somehow, I always feel this paradox of “it’s new, it’s different, but it’s expected and you get it” vibe from Comme des Garçons. If you didn’t get that don’t feel bad, I kind of don’t either. This collection, “The Infinity of Tailoring” blew me away. At first I saw the photos without checking who a designer was, and the choices in fabric felt very Yohji Yamamoto to me, but then as it progressed, I saw this quiet determination to broaden our perception of tailoring, this rebelion is always traced back to Kawakubo Sama. Traditionally, tailoring is something that is very precise and obvious, we know what we want when we want something tailored. Kawakubo sama used those techniques to add possibilities to tailoring . Fabrics were all layered the wrong ways, men’s fabrics draped and blown up, and patterns, as if not bright and out there enough, were twisted and warped into 3D flower bouquets in random places.  To me, this is just unouchable. CDG stomps out anything.ImageoImageImageImage

Photos :


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